General Vision

The General Vision of the AIAF

The general vision of the American Islamic Association of Florida falls within several main areas that seek to provide a true Islamic environment for the members of the Muslim community, including teaching the principles of the tolerant Islamic religion that is characterized by moderation, fairness and acceptance. As well as clarifying the true image of Islam that the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, brought to non-Muslims.

Community Service

AIAF seeks to build distinguished relationships with political leaders at the level of the state of Florida;  With the aim of serving the members of the Muslim community by conveying their voices to government agencies and facilitating their affairs in cooperation with these leaders, and for the purpose of lifting grievances from any member of our society, if any.

The Tolerant Islam

The AIAF has made the noble principles of Islam in justice, peace, harmony, social harmony and tolerance the basic pillars in AIAF’s vision of reality and the future.

Florida Quranic Institute

The “FIQ” Institute is one of the pioneering projects in the AIAF. It aims to teach community members the Arabic language to read, write, and teach the Holy Qur’an as well as to memorize, recite, and interpret it. The institute targets members of the Islamic community in general, and non-Arabic speaking members of the community in particular.